• About us

    S.C. Electroutilaj S.A. was founded on august 1st, 1951 as "Oficiul de Reparatii Utilaje Electrice" ("Electrical Equipments Repairs Office") and also as and enterprise specialized in preparing equipments, electronic machine and precast electric components execution necessary for installations in the oil industry. After 1990 the company changed its denomination to SC ELECTROUTILAJ SA and functions as a company according to Government decree no. 1213/20.09.1990, being registered at the Trade Registry no. 129/14/1991.

    Since January 2000 it is organized as a share capital company with private capital. Starting with December 2004, by changing the major shareholder, SC ELECTROUTILAJ SA became part of a group of companies well-known in the industrial branch. It lead to a greater opening for the present day requirements of the market range in Romania by providing complete solutions, professional level growth, continuous improvement and standardizing of the working methods, following the increase of efficiency and profitability - ensuring the base for the company's future development, for each employee in part and also for our business partners.

    Company's mission

    Since fondation, Electroutilaj, pursue the realization of superior quality products and services and reacted to customers demands and market request. In time, these became its mission. Electroutilaj mission represents orientation towards customer, market and new products, maintaning the quality of the products at high levels and the orientation towards benefits and profit.

    Company's principles

    Electroutilaj is based on fundamental principles, which are strictly respected and which determine and maintain a good image of company both in front of customers and its employees:
    - Responsability to the customers, employees, shareholders, environment and community;
    - Electroutilaj forms a competitive team both with employees and and suppliers;
    - Respect of the parteners;
    - Capacity of admiting the weeknesses, which allows their overcomming.

    Company's values

    Our values joined us since fondation and assured us of each succes till now. Loyals to these values, we trust that in future we will be the suitable choise for eachone from ur customers and our partners.

    Integrity - Promptness - Tradition and experince - Competence - Coherence