• Products

    Low voltage electrical equipments

    Low voltage interior electrical equipments

    • Standard electrical panels and cabinets

    • Electric consoles

    • Service boxes

    • Power boxes for motor starting (direct-on-line, star-delta, with autotransformer, with soft-starter)

    • Condenser batteries 0,4 (0,5) kV.

    Low voltage exterior electrical equipments

    • Electric distribution cells standardized for the oil sector 0,4 (0,5)kV

    • Standardized electric distribution cells for the oil field 0.4 (0.5) kV;
    distribution boxes for aerial substations mounted on one or twopoles;

    • Power boxes for motor starting (MPA, CUP, CAU with autotransformer; CAPMA – star-delta;
    CST – with soft starter) with frequency converters;

    • Electric distributors for the supply of auxiliary consumers of drilling units (DEF-T50;

    • Condenser batteries 0.4 (0.5) kV; fixed or in steps

    • Public lighting cabinets

    • Custom-made electrical equipment.

    Medium voltage elec. equipments

    Medium voltage interior electrical equipments

    • station cells with air insulated bus bars with:

    - simple bar system

    - double bar system

    • Electric cells for substations

    • Electric cells with vacuum contactor for 6 kV motor drives

    Medium voltage exterior electrical equipments

    • Electric cells for substations

    • Semi-portable substations

    • 6 kV condenser batteries; fixed or automatic (in steps);

    • Various non-standard electrical equipment, custom-made or tailored to the
    standard metallic constructions provided by the customer.

    Low & medium voltage switchgear and controlgear

    Low & medium voltage switchgear and controlgear

    • Tetrapolar switch, 0.66 kV; 630 A

    • Three-pole outdoor switch disconnector, with actuation device

    • Fuse frames

    Automation equipment

    Automation equipment

    • electric actuators for industrial valves

    • power & control switch cabinets

    • switch control assemblies

    • components for heaters:

    - control & setting cabinet;

    - induction heaters 2.2…28; (2.8…35 kW);

    - buffer tank for heating.

    • bridge of maneuver hinged

    • mounting poles

    • various standard metallic cabisnets in modular construction, forindoor or outdoor use;
    fabricated frames made of metallic profile

    • frames of metal profiles;

    • scaffolds designed to support technological routes;

    • modular metallic constructions for commercial spaces.

    Welded constructions

    Welded constructions for gas sations

    We manufacture resistance structures for civil and industrial constructions (gas stations)
    - industrial buildings, steel platforms, stairs, walkways, etc.

    Welded constructions

    Welded steel constructions made of profiles and plates with the thickness between 8 and 200
    mm, of the reducer housing type, counterweights for cranes, industrial tanks, etc. according to
    the customer's documentation.

    Various welded constructions

    We manufacture structures for positioned voltaic elements, both fixed and adjustable, welded
    metal enclosures for electrical motors.

    Metal tubing

    Metal tubing

    • 4-13 mm thick sheet

    • metal tubing with a diameter up to 3000 mm

    Metal cabins

    Metal cabins

    • Standardized metal cabins in modular construction, for interior or exterior environment.

    Field fencing

    Field fencing


    Sheet cutting

    • Pieces cutting from sheets with the thickness between 8 and 200 mm, of complex forms and
    dimensions for the oxy-gas cutting and plasma machine with numerical control.